What is the Azure Data Lake? We’re glad you asked!

We recently hosted a three-part webinar series on the topic to address important questions regarding the Azure Data Lake. Watch the recordings below to learn more.

Understanding the Costs of Your Azure Data Lake

How much does an Azure Data Lake cost? Well, the answer varies. Each migration is different, and the price will be different as well. In this video, we take a look at a variety of factors that go into determining the cost of your Lake. We discuss:

  • The Azure Pricing Calculator
  • Cost factors
  • Real-world examples

Configuring your Azure Data Lake

It’s important for each user to configure their Azure Data Lake to best fit their data. In this video, we will investigate the important factors to look out for when setting up your Data Lake. We discuss:

  • How we configure the Azure Data Lakes.
  • Considerations for geography.
  • Security & access.

Getting the Most Out of Your Azure Data Lake

So you’ve got your Azure Data Lake set up. Now what? In this webinar, we will go over all the ways you can utilize your data, once it’s being stored in the Azure Data Lake. Such as:

  • Working with large data sets.
  • Embedding your data from the Data Lake into other systems.
  • Reporting from multiple companies.
  • Reporting from multiple systems.

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