Inspired by my last post re using Google to get a job, I am going to use my Blog to find an employee. I have had little success with traditional job boards, and so am reaching out to the 4 people that read my Blog!

I am looking for a young energetic developer, that is prepared to learn the ropes by spending 12 months in out QA team. We have big plans for SmartConnect over the next 12 months and need to grow our QA automation team to keep up with the new functionality added by the developers.

This role requires a very technical/development focused person who wants to become a fully fledged developer, but is prepared initially to learn our products by helping to further automate our testing process. The requirements are:
1. You have to be clever
2. You have to be able to clearly explain what SmartConnect is and why companies love to use it.
3. Ability to sing (only required if you should choose Fargo as the location). There is no singing in the Sydney office.
4. Must be passionate
5. Must be able to develop in .net.

What’s good about working for eOne: (of course I am biased)
1. Get to choose your location Sydney or Fargo (or have an endless summer and split your time between the two). !
2. Tell your mum you write software for and test software(eXtender and SLB) for Microsoft (without having to work for Microsoft)
3. Wear Jeans whenever you like
4. Work flexible hours. Base you day on either Australian Easter Standard time or USA central time (as long as your team/client is awake).
5. Work for the team that has sold more addon’s for GP than any ISV ever.
6. Get to go to Convergence (and work really hard)
7. We will not watch over your shoulder. If you need managing please find a different job.

Now this is where you kick in. I will send $1000 to the person that puts me in contact with a candidate that we choose to employ. Now there are some rules.
1. I am not prospecting within our reseller’s consultants and developers and am hoping you are able to recommend someone for the role. That said if you are truly seeking a change of job then we would be happy to hear from you.
2. You cannot win $1000 by nominating yourself
3. I want the $1000 back if the person turns out to be dud!
4. If you already work for eOne you can not apply for the job! (unless you have forgotten to tell me that it is something you really want to do).