It is great to be able to capture custom data inside of eXtender. What is truly powerful is taking this data and pushing it through the GP business logic (eConnect) and creating new records.

This is example is going to look at Triggering a SmartConnect map from a form created in eXtender. Using the same form that was created in the previous Blog entry (Tenant Management), use a combination of eXtender and SmartConnect in order to create a new Customer in Great Plains whenever a new tenant is created in our eXtender form.

In this case, a real time datasource was created in SmartConnect using our Tenant Management form as the source.

A map was created in SmartConnect that mapped the fields from our Tenant Management form into the Customer Maintenance form. The left side of the map window shows the values from the Tenant Management form.



When the map is saved, a real time Dexterity trigger is created on our Tenant Management form. When any record in the table is updated, it will run the SmartConnect map that will create/update the customer record in Great Plains.

This shows how every GP consultant can not build screens, and create transactions without ever writing a single line of code. Now that is powerful.