ISV’s usually don’t go about publishing sales data and releasing lists of top resellers. But when Abbey wanted to post the list last week, I could not think of any good reason as to why not. The feedback from partners who are both on the list and those that did not make it has been very positive.

So I thought I would take this a little further, and share some of our sales numbers with you, and why our top ten partners get excited. Sales of SmartConnect in May set a new world record for eOne. This record did not last long as it was surpassed in June. (a massive effort from the entire eOne team over the past 24 months lead to this achievement)

Well over 80 Smart Connects shipped out during this 2 month period. What is most exciting about this is that our partners made some good money. On top of the software revenue, our partners tend to average 4-10 days of services sales for each deal. So if we go conservative and say 80 implementations X 6 days each X $1,400 per day, then partners have generated $672,000 worth of consulting in just 2 months – based on a single eOne product.

Above and beyond the revenue generation, our partners have also made their customers very happy by, to use an old Great plains phrase. “improving the lives and business success of Customers”. What we are finding is that once a customer has been exposed to business improvements and the efficiencies that SmartConnect brings, they are then open to consider additional projects. Suddenly customers expect more from their software and leads to new projects for partners. These projects may take many forms but configuration projects with SmartConnect and eXtender often lead to custom dex projects, share point, web integrations, system automation, reporting or business process review projects. As a result, the flow on consulting revenue can be very significant.

So congratulations again to every one of our partners, and thank you for your efforts in the 2009/10 financial year. I am hoping to see some of you chase down our top partner who has just closed in on 100 SmartConnect implementations.