Extender is one of the most critical tools a company using GP can have in their tool belt. Here are the Top Ten Reasons to take a look at Extender:

1. Extender Makes GP Fit Your Business: Stop trying to make your business fit into GP, use the most flexible solution available to configure GP, just the way you want.
2. Extender Grows as You Do: Make changes to the data you capture when your business grows and changes.
3. Extender Lets You Eliminate Spreadsheets: Get rid of spreadsheets that duplicate GP data and track what you need, where you need it.
4. Extender Improves Your Data Quality: Never doubt your data again. Trust your data in GP.
5. Extender Saves You Money: Invest in the solution that is about 1/10th of the cost of customizations.
6. Extender Provides Easy Upgrades…and Less Expensive Ones, too!: Since you’re not spending time sorting through a developer’s code, you can update quickly & easily.
7. Extender Lets You Trigger Dex Code Anywhere, Anytime in GP: No other solution gives you so much flexibility with GP.
8. Extender Lets You Own Your Solution: You can switch partners, do all changes in house, whatever you want – you have the freedom!
9. Extender is Built by the ISV with the Most Customers Using Their Products in GP: With over 4,000 Extender customers to date, there are amazing Extender solutions out there and we can help add your solution to that list.
10. Extender is Supported By the Best: Highly experienced GP guru’s who can train, advise, review and support your Extender solution are the people you’ll be dealing with on the help desk.

Sound like a solution you want to add? Want to know more? Contact Abbey or Danielle by emailing sales@eonesolutions.com for more info!