I’ve spent some time in the last few days pouring over our sales numbers from the past fiscal year and can I tell you, I wasn’t shocked by some of what I found, in terms of our partners.

Our top 10 resellers:

1. Eclipse Computing (Australia)
2. The TM Group
3. T3 Information Systems
4. Tribridge
5. Tectura
6. Maner, Costerisan, & Ellis
7. BCG Systems
8. First Tech Direct
9. BDO Dunwoody
10. eTelligent Solutions

Although we truly love all of our partners, it’s interesting to look at the list above and see what they have in common. The number one thing? TRAINING. The resellers above have invested in sending their consultants to training and have benefitted from it. Not only are the partners above experiencing less issues with support, but they are also wildly successful in their implementations. Some of the most creative solutions we hear about come from the 10 teams above.

Additionally, our top resellers are billing an average of 7 to 9 days services with each sale, which means partners that have implemented 25 SmartConnects have generated nearly a full year’s worth of work for their consulting team.

So, want to join the top 10? Come to our next training session:

When: July 21st and July 22nd
Where: Baltimore, MD
Cost: $1400/person*
(*includes two full days of hands-on training, our latest training image, and our training manual)

If you’d like more information on training (or if you want to give me feedback about why you’re not on the top 10 list), please feel free to contact me (abbey.heesch@eonesolutions.com or 888.319.3663 ext 717).