As a company who prides themselves in the technological advances they use within their industry, The Printing House knew they needed to address their back-office processes.

The first thing TPH did was replace a slow, legacy integration from their in-house developed SOP system which required a team member to manually start the process at 6 every morning (so it was done by the time the rest of the team came in!) with SmartConnect. The new SmartConnect integration ran 90% faster than the previous Integration Manager integration.

With such an amazing improvement in speed, they began to create other integrations with SmartConnect.

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The TPH team integrated account applications from their website (requiring multiple stages of approvals) and created accounts in their ERP, CRM, and in-house systems Рa process that used to take 2 days, now takes 5 to 10 minutes with SmartConnect. They also integrated data from third party products and created complex journal entries across 70 branch locations.

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