Last week, Martin introduced you to, giving you the power of choice to now run your integrations in the cloud while handling both your cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration requirements.  Integration in the cloud provides cost savings to your customers.  Here’s how:

  • It’s easier:  No more fighting with installs, local servers and security rules.
  • It’s cheaper:  Simple pricing with no hidden costs.  WYSWYG.
  • It’s flexible:  Perfect for all cloud to cloud integrations together with Hybrid integration environments.
  • It is Smart: com offers an API to rule all API’s. This is BIG and our Developer friends love it.

Find out more about by watching this overview video and mark your calendars for September 12th at 1pm for our Q3 partner call.  We will share more details on

REGISTER NOW will be generally available on September 12th, 2018.