A question that comes up many times each month is whether SmartConnect can integrate to specific tables or tables in Dynamics GP, whether it’s Human Resources, Manufacturing, Void Payables, Apply Payables, and many other modules. Typically, we will point them to the eConnect documentation, the Microsoft API for data integrations, but it probably doesn’t provide a clear understanding of what is available. I did a search for eConnect on our website to see if we provide a comprehensive list of what is available within SmartConnect 20.18+ but did not find any such list.

If you would like to go through the eConnect documentation instead or to get what data is expected for each node, follow this link.

Below is a list of the standard Dynamics GP nodes available with eConnect along with the Node Type and the individual nodes within each Node type. For example, Customer Master in Receivables consists of Create Customer, Create Customer Address, Create Internet Address, Create Parent ID and Create Parent-Child ID.

Any node can be duplicated within the node type or to another node type using the SmartConnect Node Maintenance window in the Maintenance->Dynamics GP section. For example, I can combine add the Receivables Apply Node to the Receivables Transaction Node. An example of how to duplicate a node can be found here.

The order of the existing Dynamics GP Nodes within the Node Type must be maintained for eConnect to work successfully. For example, the Analytics Distribution Node must come after the Distribution Node for all Transactions.

Out of the Box Nodes

GroupNode TypeNodes/Notes
Analytical AccountingDimension Code MaintenanceAA Transaction Dimension Code Maintenance
Bank ReconciliationBank DepositsBank Deposits Line

Bank Deposits Header

Post Bank Deposits

*Not able to update existing transactions
Bank TransactionBank Transaction

Analytics Distribution

Bank Transaction Header

*Not able to update existing transactions
Bank Transaction VoidBank Transaction Distribution

Analytics Distribution

Bank Transaction Void
Delete Bank DepositsDelete Bank Deposits
Post Bank DepositsPost Bank Deposits
CompanyCreate BankCreate Bank
Create CountryCreate Country
Credit Card Create Credit Card
Internet AddressCreate Internet Address
Shipping MethodCreate Shipping Method
Field ServiceEquipmentEquipment Master

Equipment Reading

RMA Line Serial

RMA Master

RTV Line Serial

RTV Master
Service CallService Call Codes Equipment

Service Call Line

Service Call Line Serial

Service Call Master

Service Call Multi-Tech
Fixed AssetsCreate Account GroupCreate Account Group
Create Asset Book IDCreate Asset Book ID

Can use ID or ITC but not both
Create Asset Book ITCCreate Asset Book ITC

Can use ID or ITC but not both
Create Asset Class IDCreate Asset Class ID
Create Asset IDCreate Asset ID

*Does not allow updates to existing Assets
Create Asset InsuranceCreate Asset Insurance
Create Asset LeaseCreate Asset Lease
Create Asset PurchaseCreate Asset Purchase
Create Asset User DataCreate Asset User Data
Create Book ClassCreate Book Class
Create Book IDCreate Book ID
Create Insurance Class IDCreate Insurance Class ID
Create Lease CompanyCreate Lease Company
Create Location IDCreate Location ID
Create Physical Location IDCreate Physical Location ID
Create Retirement CodeCreate Retirement Code
Create StructureCreate Structure
General LedgerAccount*The Account Category string is required on updates https://www.eonesolutions.com/help-article/kba-01153-k4r3f1/.

Update Create Account

Create Variable Allocation Account

Create Fixed Allocation Account
Checkbook MasterCreate Checkbook
Create Account CategoryCreate Account Category
Create Account CurrencyCreate Account Currencies
Fixed Allocation AccountUpdate Create Account

Create Fixed Allocation Account
TransactionGL Transaction Line Insert

Analytics Distribution

GL Transaction Header Insert

MDA Update

*Not able to update existing transactions

*Includes Intercompany nodes with SmartConnect since SmartConnect release 20.16 and newer
Variable Allocation AccountUpdate Create Account

Create Variable Allocation Account
Human ResourcesHR Applicant EducationCreate Applicant Education
HR Applicant InterviewCreate Applicant Interview

Applicant Interview Update
HR Applicant ReferenceCreate Applicant References
HR Applicant SkillCreate Applicant Skills
HR Applicant TestCreate Applicant Tests
HR ApplicantCreate Applicant
HR Applicant Work HistoryCreate Applicant Work History
HR Create Skill SetCreate Skill Sets

Create Skill Sets Line
HR Create TestCreate Tests
HR Delete Applicant ApplicationDelete Applicant Application
HR Delete Applicant Education LineDelete Applicant Education Line
HR Delete Applicant EducationDelete Applicant Education
HR Delete Applicant InterviewDelete Applicant Interview
HR Delete Applicant Reference LineDelete Applicant Reference Line
Delete Applicant ReferenceDelete Applicant Reference
HR Delete Applicant RequisitionDelete Applicant Requisition
HR Delete Applicant Test LineDelete Applicant Test Line
HR Delete Applicant TestDelete Applicant Test
HR Delete ApplicantDelete Applicant
HR Delete Applicant Work History LineDelete Applicant Work History Line
HR Delete Applicant Work HistoryDelete Applicant Work History
HR Delete RequisitionDelete Requisition
HR Delete Skill Set LineDelete Skill Set Line
HR Delete Skill SetDelete Skill Set
HR Delete SkillDelete Skill
HR Delete TestDelete Tests
HR RequisitionCreate Requisitions
HR SkillCreate Skills
InventoryCreate Item CurrencyUpdate Create Item Currency
Create Item Price ListCreate item Price List Line

Create Item Price List Header
Create IV Item ClassCreate IV Item Class
Create PlannerCreate Planner
Create Price GroupCreate Price Group
Create Price LevelCreate Price Level
Create Site BinCreate Site Bin
Create U OF M ScheduleCreate U of M Schedule Line

Create U of M Schedule Header
Inventory Item SiteItem Site
Inventory SiteCreate Inventory Site
Inventory TransactionUpdate Create Item

Transaction Serial Insert

Transaction Lot Insert

Transaction Line Insert

Analytics Distribution

Transaction Multi-Bin Insert

Transaction Header Insert

*Not able to update existing transactions
Inventory TransferUpdate Create Item

Transfer Serial Insert

Transfer Lot Insert

Transfer Line Insert

Analytics Distribution

Transfer Multi-Bin Insert

Transfer Header Insert

*Not able to update existing transactions
Item MasterUpdate Create Item

Update Create Item Currency

Create Item Price List Line

Create Item Price List Header

Item Site

Create Item Vendors

Create Kit Item

Create Internet Addresses
Lot CategoryCreate Lot Category
Multi-Bin Bin to Bin TransferMulti-Bin Bin to Bin Transfer
Vendor ItemCreate Item Vendors
LockboxCreate Lockbox Bank DetailsCreate Lockbox Bank Details
Create LockboxCreate Lockbox
PayrollComputer TransactionCreate Payroll Batch Header

Create Computer Check Line Insert

*Not able to update existing transactions
Create BenefitCreate Benefit

Create Benefit Based on Pay Deduction Codes
Create DeductionCreate Deduction

Create Deduction Based on Pay Codes
Create DepartmentCreate Department
Create EmployeeCreate Employee

Create Internet Addresses

*Using the Class Roll Down option does not roll down Benefits, Deductions or Pay Codes. A post document task would be used to roll down additional information.
Create Employee AddressCreate Employee Address

Create Internet Addresses
Create Employee BenefitCreate Employee Benefit

Create Employee Benefit Based on Pay Deduction Codes
Create Employee ClassCreate Employee Class
Create Employee DeductionCreate Employee Deduction

Create Employee Deduction Based on Pay Codes
Create Employee Local TaxCreate Employee Local Tax
Create Employee Pay CodeCreate Employee Pay Codes
Create Employee State TaxCreate Employee State Tax
Create Employee TaxCreate Employee Tax
Create Local TaxCreate Local Tax

Create Local Tax Detail
Create LocationCreate Location
Create Pay CodeCreate Pay Code
Create PositionCreate Position
Create Shift CodeCreate Shift Code
Create SupervisorCreate Supervisor
Create Workers CompensationCreate Workers Compensation Code
Delete Employee AddressDelete Employee Address
Delete Employee Pay CodeDelete Employee Pay Code
Delete EmployeeDelete Employee
Manual Check TransactionCreate Payroll Batch Header Insert

Create Manual Check Line Insert

Create Manual Check Header Insert
Project AccountingAccounts SetupAccounts Setup
Change OrderChange Order Entry Budget

Change Order Entry Fee Schedule

Change Order Entry Fee Detail

Change Order Entry Fee Header

Change Order Entry Header
Contract Billing CycleContract Billing Cycle

Contract Billing Cycle

Accounts Setup


Project Billing Cycle

Project Access

Project Equip

Project Fee Schedule

Project Fee

Project Budget
Employee ExpenseCreate Vendor

Create Vendor Address

Employee Expense Line

Employee Expense Tax

Employee Expense Header
Equipment Log TransactionEquipment Log Line

Equipment Log Header
Miscellaneous Log Expense TransactionMiscellaneous Log Line

Miscellaneous Log Header
Project AccessProject Access
Project Billing CycleProject Billing Cycle
Project Budget MasterProject Budget Master
Project EquipmentProject Equipment
Project FeesProject Fee

Project Fee Schedule

Project Billing Cycle

Accounts Setup

Project Access

Project Equipment

Project Fee

Project Fee Schedule

Project Budget Master
Time Sheet TransactionsTime Sheet Line

Time Sheet Header
Purchase Order ProcessingDocument DeletePO Delete
Document VoidPO Void
Enter Match InvoiceUpdate Create Item

Update Create Vendor

Create Vendor Address

Receipt Line Tax Insert


Analytics Distribution

Enter Match Lot Insert

Enter Match Serial Insert

Enter Match Invoice Line

Enter Match Invoice to Shipment Multi-Line

Enter Match Invoice Header

MDA Update

*Not able to update existing transactions
Map SitesMap Sites
ReceivingsUpdate Create Item

Update Create Vendor

Create Vendor Address

Receipt Lot Insert

Receipt Serial Insert

Receipt Line Insert

Receipt Multi-Bin

Receipt Line Tax Insert

Receipt User Defined


Analytics Distribution

Receipt Header Insert

MDA Update

*Not able to update existing transactions
POP to SOP Link RemoveRemove SOP Link
Purchase OrderUpdate Create Item

Update Create Vendor

Create Vendor Address

Update Create Customer

Create Customer Address

Invoice Tax Insert


Analytics Distribution

Purchase Order Line

Purchase Order Header

*Can update existing purchase orders
PurchasingCreate BuyerCreate Buyer
Delete Vendor AddressDelete Vendor Address
Manual CheckUpdate Create Vendor

Create Vendor Address


Analytics Distribution

Manual Check

MDA Update
Scheduled PaymentsScheduled Payments
TransactionUpdate Create Vendor

Create Vendor Address

Transaction Tax Insert

Add Distribution

Analytics Distribution

Transaction Insert

MDA Update

*Not able to update existing transactions

*Includes Intercompany nodes with SmartConnect since SmartConnect release 20.16 and newer
Vendor AddressCreate Vendor Address

Create Internet Addresses
Vendor MasterUpdate Create Vendor

Create Vendor Address

Create Internet Addresses

Update Create Project Accounting Vendor
ReceivablesApplyAnalytics Distribution

Cash ReceiptsUpdate Create Customer

Create Customer Address


Analytics Distribution

Cash Receipt Insert
Create Customer ItemsCreate Customer Items
Create Parent IDCreate Parent ID

Parent ID Child
Customer AddressCreate Customer Address

Create Internet Address
Customer ClassCreate Customer Class
Customer MasterUpdate Create Customer

Create Customer Address

Create Internet Addresses

Create Parent ID

Parent ID Child
Delete CustomerDelete Customer
Delete Customer AddressDelete Customer Address
Delete SalespersonDelete Salesperson
Parent ID ChildParent ID Child
Prospect MasterCreate Prospect
Salesperson MasterCreate Salesperson

Create Internet Addresses
Scheduled PaymentsScheduled Payments
Territory MasterCreate Territory
TransactionUpdate Create Customer

Create Customer Address


Transaction Tax Insert


Analytics Distribution


MDA Update

*Not able to update existing transactions
Un-apply Transaction Analytics Distribution

Un-apply Transaction
Void TransactionVoid Transaction
Sales Order Processing Delete DocumentAnalytics Distribution

SOP Delete Document
Delete LineSOP Line Delete
DistributionsSOP Distribution

Analytics Distribution
Line ComponentSOP Line Invoice Insert Component
Process HoldSOP Update Create Process Hold
Process Hold MasterCreate Process Hold
SerialSOP Serial

*Creates a new purchase order
TransactionUpdate Create Item

Update Create Customer

Create Customer Address

SOP Serial

SOP Lot Auto

SOP Line Invoice Insert

SOP Line Invoice Insert Component

SOP Tracking Number

SOP Commissions

SOP Line Invoice Tax Insert

Create SOP Payment Insert

SOP User Defined

SOP Distribution

Analytics Distribution

SOP Multi-Bin

SOP Header Invoice Insert


SOP Update Create Process

Create SOP Tracking Info

MDA Update

*Can update existing transactions
Void DocumentSOP Void
SharedMDAMDA Update

*Only allows for update to an existing MDA transaction record
Transaction BatchCreate Update Batch Header

Dynamics GP 3rd Party Products

Nodes or services that are available from ISV’s or Dynamics GP Partners.

We apologize for any that may not be listed. If you find one that we are missing, please let us know and we will get it included.

Binary StreamMEMDownload from Binary Stream. Installs modified Post eConnect procedures.https://www.eonesolutions.com/tech-tuesday-using-binary-stream-econnect-procedures-with-smartconnect/
WennSoftJob Cost

Service Management

Equipment Management
WennSoft Integration ManagerPurchase from WennSoft.
Installs nodes into SmartConnect for quick mapping.
MC2 VisionsAdvanced

Wizard installs additional nodeshttp://mc2visions.com/knowledge-base/using-smartconnect-with-ait/
Precipio ServicesPM ApplyAdditional Purchase
Additional logic added to a SmartConnect Post document script to call the Precipio Library for Payables Apply.

eOne Nodes

The Nodes below have been written by eOne and will be provided by the professional services team with the purchase of eOne’s Node Builder and the purchase of professional services. Please send an email to services@eonesolutions.com if you are interested in implementing one of these nodes. The effort required to implement each node will vary.

GL Budget
In-Transit Inventory
Inventory Assembly
Inventory Bill of Materials
Project Accounting Billing Type Notes
Project Accounting Cost Category Budget
Project Accounting Inventory Transfer
Purchase Order Returns
Revenue/Expense DeferralIncludes all supported RED modules
Vendor EFT
Document Attachment Would apply to all of the GP Document Attachment from any supported window.