A common issue we have seen in support recently is SmartConnect maps losing their Extender mappings after updating to GP 2013. When the maps are opened, it will tell you that you do not have access to the nodes required for the map. Once you do get the map open, none of the fields will show up in your Extender mappings. The screen will usually look like this.

The cause of this is missing a required step in the upgrade process. Extender for GP 2013 has extensive data changes compared to Extender for GP 10 or 2010. The eConnect nodes for Extender 2013 all have been completely rewritten for the new table structure. If you are using SmartConnect to import data into your Extender windows, there is one additional step that needs to be performed. This step needs to be done after GP has been upgraded to 2013, and after SmartConnect has been updated to the latest version. If you don’t perform this additional step, none of your maps using Extender data will work.

After getting into SmartConnect for the first time, go to Admin tab, which will require you to type in the Admin password. If you haven’t changed it, the default password is “SmartConnect”. Now would be a good time to change the password if you have not done so.

Once you are in there, there is a button at the top right corner that says “Upgrade Extender to GP 2013”. Click on that, and it will bring up the “Extender Upgrade” window which will have a list of all your maps that have “Microsoft Dynamics GP” as the destination.

Press the Upgrade button in this window in order to start the upgrade. Once the Upgrade is complete you will get this message. 

As the message states, you must run the system maintenance prior to opening any of your maps. To do this, go to the Setup tab in SmartConnect and press the “System Maintenance” Button. In the window that opens, press the “Process” button. Once the system maintenance runs, it will pop up a message that says “Maintenance Complete”. Your maps utilizing Extender eConnect nodes will all function now.
For more help with issues like this please be sure to check out our updated Knowledge Base!