I have been getting a lot of questions lately about the options to report on Extender data, so I wanted to walk through some of the main options.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Reports:
The Dynamics GP reports that I speak of here are those built in Report Writer.  It is the invoices, edit lists, etc. that you can print throughout GP.  The Extender data we can add to these reports is very limited because of the way Report Writer works and the options we have available to talk to the Extender data.

With these, we can add the 15 main fields from an Extender Window.  What cannot be added is the Scrolling Grid fields that are setup in the Options button on a window.  You also cannot add any data from an Extender Form to the Dynamics GP reports.

To add the data to Report Writer, you would need to create a calculated field or two.  We have the step by step instructions in the Extender manual for you.

SmartList / SmartView:
There are a couple of ways to get the Extender data into SmartList and/or SmartView.

The first is the integration built into Extender.  On the setup of a window, you can go to Inquiry and select to add a SmartList Integration.  This is going to all you to add the 15 standard fields from the window to a subset of the default SmartLists that come with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  It is not a complete list, because only some of the default lists will allow Extender to snap into them.  You will not be able to see the 10 Scrolling Grid Fields using this option.  With a Form, a similar option is available by going to the Navigation button.  Here you can select to add a new SmartList.  This will create a new list under the top level folder called Extender.  If you have the Scrolling Grid turned on, you will see two options.  One to add the 15 basic fields and one to create one with the scrolling grid fields as well.

Using SmartList Builder (by eOne) is probably the best option to get the Extender data into SmartList and/or SmartView.  SmartList builder has a built in table type to add the data from Extender Windows and Forms.  It will pull in the 15/30 main fields from a window/form as well as the scrolling grid fields.  The great thing about using the Extender table type in SmartList Builder is that there isn’t any additional work like managing added security, creating views, etc.  With SmartList Builder, you also get access to Excel Report Builder and Navigation List Builder which have the same option to add the Extender Windows and Forms.

SmartList Designer will also allow you to add the data from Extender Windows and Forms.  To do so, you will need to first need to create a SQL View in Extender. Then you can add that view as a table to your SmartList Designer setup the same as you would any other SQL View.

SQL View:
Extender has an option to create SQL Views based on your Windows and Forms.  This will create the SQL View so that it pulls in the Field names and all the data fields from your Window/Form that you pull into it.  The great thing is then you can use the SQL View in any reporting application that you like that allows you to pull in SQL Views.  Tools like SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Power BI, and Jet Reports are some of the ways we have seen customers pull in this data.

Management Reporter and/or FRx:
Unfortunately it isn’t possible to pull Extender data into Management Reporter or FRx.