What are the secure ways to give certain Business Central users access to Popdock lists? This is a Popdock list security implementation question that I see often.

We have two secure widget solutions:

  1. All Users share a single login.
  2. All users must have an access token.

All Users Share a Single Login

For all users to share a single login, consider security aspects. Should all users be able to access all Popdock lists embedded in Business Central?

If your answer is Yes, then select this security solution. No additional configuration is required.

All Users Must Have an Access Token

The other security solution is to require all users to be assigned an access token. This method is recommended for Deployments where users of Popdock lists should only have access to some lists. When creating token security, you can select which Popdock lists they should have access to.

See the steps for creating an API user in Popdock.

The benefit of this approach is we can now leverage the power of Popdock’s granular security model directly in Business Central.

After creating the API user, Copy the token from Popdock.

Then go back to BC Popdock Setup and Paste the copied token for the BC user you want to give access to the list.

Note: Repeat the above steps to generate an access token and list for each BC user.

The main Popdock widget for Business Central is extensive. Selecting the correct widget access security is important. The widget may be showing data retrieved from another system such as a Data Lake, CRM or other app and needs to be sent through a manual filtering and restriction step to ensure users only see the data they need to see.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at support@eonesolutions.com.