Today we are going to look at a fairly simple yet extremely useful feature in Extender that allows us to move our existing fields around on existing objects.
If you have ever moved a field by simply going into the setup window for the object and deleted and re-entered the field in a different spot, you probably lost any data that had already been stored in that object.
There is an option that is called “Move Field” which will allow us to either move a field to an open location on an object, or swap its position with another existing field. Using this option will keep all the existing data in the tables intact for that field as it is moved.
Now where to find this option? It can be found under Options – Move Field in the toolbar at the top of the setup window for whichever object you are working on.
Once you choose that option, you can pick any field on the form and either swap it with another field or move it to an empty location.
After that, just save the object and the next time it is opened up it will have the redesigned layout that you just set. Now any change requests that the client sends in about the design of the window or form can be handled without any hassle!