This week’s Tech Tuesday article is from our very own Support Guru, Dave Youngquist. He will walk you through how to add an Extender View to a SmartList.

Login to Great Plains as the sa user (only the sa user will have Views as an option)

1. Click on Views, then click New
 2. In the Extender View window, give the view a name, and then click the add button.  
3. Pick “Extender Window” as the type, and pick the eXtender window you need to add to the SmartList.
4. Check off the fields you want to appear in the view. I would recommend marking all. 
5. Click Save on the View.  
6. Now to go Tools – SmartList Builder – Security – SQL Table Security.  
7. Checkmark the database you created the view in, and change the type to “Views”.  Place a checkmark in the view that you just created.  

 8. Hit the OK button to save the security. 
 9. Open up SmartList Builder and open the SmartList you need to add the eXtender data to.
 10. Click on the + button to add a table. Pick SQL Server Table

11. Change the list to show “Views”, select your view, and then add it to the SmartList.  Make sure you use a left outer join if you have data in the main table, but there may not be data in the eXtender table.  Pick the appropriate key field from the list to link the eXtender view to the main table. 

12. You now will have a SmartList that will display eXtender data on it. 

If you have further questions or curious to learn more please email!