SmartView External does not have access to your DYNAMICS.SET to read which products you have installed on your system so you may see the Product ID number as the series instead of the Product Name depending on what the product is. In this example we have Product ID 836 which is WennSoft Equipment Management.

We can add <add key=”ProdID” value=”ProductName”></add> to the SmartView config file anywhere between the <appSettings> and </appSettings tags to set the Product Name correctly. You will switch ProdID to your product ID and ProductName to whatever you would like to display in SmartView. The default location of the config file is C:Program Files (x86)eOne Integrated Business SolutionsSmartView. This is an example of the line added in the config file.

jared I

After adding this to the config file you will need to relaunch SmartView External for the changes to update the Product Name.

jared IIIf you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or email!