In the past few weeks we have seen a few of our customers experience some interesting behavior after upgrading their Microsoft Dynamics GP to a new release. In SmartConnect they had a change data source on one of the Dynamics GP tables that was running on a schedule. Interestingly, the map never failed, but it never sent any updates after the upgrade. The reason…there was no longer a trigger to populate the records that needed to be changed.

Where did the trigger go? The answer is pretty simple actually. When Dynamics GP adds new columns to the table structure, it actually does four things:

       1. Copies all the current records in that table to temp table.
       2. Drops the table (and coincidentally, any triggers).
       3. Recreates the table with the new columns.
       4. Copies in the old data from the temp table into the new table.

The main reason for doing this is to ensure that the unique ID for each record is at the end of the table (which is a perfectly good reason) but the consequences of losing all triggers can wreak havoc on other applications using those triggers.

Fortunately, SmartConnect can fix this issue very easily. Simply, open up any affected map and hit the Save button. This will recreate the trigger on the table and now your changes will go through successfully. As many people may be upgrading to newer versions of Dynamics GP 2015, just be aware if you have change data sources.

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