The Flexicoder product is one of the most interesting ones in the mix offered from eOne. Businesses that need it, REALLY need it while the businesses that don’t, REALLY don’t. Let me explain, when you have an internal business need to track your Sales or COGS (or other accounts) by something other than just the account attached to the item or customer you introduce a manual process. Manual processes introduce humans into the equation and humans make mistakes!
Flexicoder helps you eliminate the time-consuming and error prone processes by defining the business rules one time and having the system automatically apply the rules for each transaction. I will outline two scenarios where you can see Flexicoder applied to change one or more of your account segments based upon the rule you setup.
Scenario 1: Change the first account segment based on Salesperson
One common scenario we see is a need to recode one of your Segments based on a Salesperson or Sales Territory. Both of these options are available to you with a host of others as well. In the image below you can see that it will automatically fill with the values for your Salespeople and then you can assign the values that are appropriate for your business case. The example below shows assigning some of the segments and leaving others to stay with the standard account.
This is a simple example of using the Sales distribution type but you have the ability to recode Accounts Receivable, Cash, COGS, Freight, Inventory, Markdown, Miscellaneous, Sales and Trade Discount types in the Sales Order Processing area and quite a few others in the Receivables area.
Scenario 2: Change the first and third segments based on Salesperson and additional Extender fields
This scenario shows that we can recode multiple segments and can use Extender windows to hold information to recode a segment. In this example I have an Extender window on the Sales Transaction Entry form in Dynamics GP that simple tracks a Subscription Type field as Monthly or Annual. I will see any Extender window attached to the Sales Transaction Entry, Item, or Customer windows in Dynamics GP.
One other thing to point out is that in the image above is the Exception area on the bottom right corner. This is a great tool to have if you need to exclude certain accounts, document types, batches or customers from the predefined process.
Finally, in order for this to work, you simply save the transaction and then pull it up again to view the distributions that have changed.
If you have a need for this try it out in the sample company and see if it will reclaim an hour a day to do something better than change distributions manually.

If you have any questions regarding Flexicoder or simply would like more information please email and we would be happy to assist you!