When someone does exceptional work, we think the whole world should hear about it. We love hearing stories of partner technical consultants nailing their projects – especially when our solutions are involved. It’s time to share those stories. 

It’s time to celebrate the best consultants we see out in the field: the ones who provide you with the best solutions, implement your project flawlessly, stay in budget, save you time and, quite frankly, are fun to be around while they do it. 

So, which consultant does the world need to know about? 

Submit your nomination for our new “eOne Consultant of the Month.” We’ll pick a nominee for our monthly blog feature. Be sure to share how they made your eOne product implementation worth celebrating and why you think they should win.

If selected, you BOTH win our classic eOne jersey! 

Email abbey.cooper@eonesolutions.com your consultant story today. A winner will be shared at the end of each month. Please submit your nominations by the 15th.