A new release of SmartView 2010 and 10 was posted on our website today. This is a release based entirely upon our customer feedback, and fixes a number of little issues that had been identified.

The biggest change in this build is the removal of the cache list functions, and SmartView now treats all lists as large lists. I still believe cache lists were a great idea, but they did create large amount of confusion for end users. With a cached lists the filters applied only apply to the initial list returned to screen, rather than re querying the database after the filter was applied. The outcome of this was that the list would filter and refresh rocket fast, but the downside was used got confused as to what they were looking at and could not match up the data they were seeing from Smartlist (which was requerying the database) with what they saw in SmartView.

The upshot is that SmartView is still fast, and up to 30 times faster than SmartList. In this build you can also export 100,000 records to excel in just 5-10 seconds. SmartView also now works a little more like SmartList, so that end users will easily be able to verify the data they are seeing in SV matches what they were familiar with in SmartList.