Are you a SmartList Builder customer? If so, we appreciate you and want to ensure you have all the resources you need to continue to successfully build the lists you need.

SmartList Builder Self-Paced Training

In the last year, we’ve added 16 new features to SmartList Builder and plan to continue improving the product to make it easier than ever for you to use.

We have also developed a brand new, online SmartList Builder Self-Paced Training environment, designed for you to receive training on your own time, at your own pace.

The Self-Paced training walks you through an overview of the product and has 20 exercises designed to help you obtain the skills you need to be a SmartList Builder expert. Each exercise has a corresponding video and instructions to practice what you’ve learned in our online training environment.

Who would benefit from SmartList Builder Self-Paced training?

  • New users to SmartList Builder
  • Current SmartList Builder users who need more training
  • Implementation consultants
  • New users to GP
As a current SmartList Builder customer, you can purchase 1 year of company-wide access to our online SmartList Builder Self-Paced training for your company for $500. If you’d like to renew after the year is up, it’s only $300! With your 2nd year’s renewal, you’ll receive access to exercises for any new features we’ve added since your last training purchase, as well as access to exercises on Drill Down Builder, Excel Report Builder and Navigation List Builder.

See it in action!

Take a glance at our video showing an overview of the exercises HERE.

Ready to brush up your SmartList Builder skills? Ready to move to expert level? Contact your Dynamics reseller and let them know you’re ready to purchase the training. From there, your partner can login to our website and pay for the training. Once they do, we can give you logins for the training right away.

Questions? Let us know! Email