This week we are going to take a look at a new feature in SmartList Builder. This feature will allow users to take their SmartList Builder list setup and quickly turn it into a SQL view. This view can then be used in other SmartList Builder lists or other eOne products such as SmartConnect for example.

To create a view from within SmartList Builder the GP user will need to have sufficient SQL permissions to create a SQL view. Once that security is in place you can open any SmartList Builder list and go to Options>>Create View.


The Create View Window will allow you to name the SQL view accordingly and by default it will create the view in the company that you are currently logged into. It will also default the fields that you have marked to display by default in SmartList. You can mark additional fields to be displayed in the SQL view that your SmartList does not include. Additionally, you can mark the option to create they view in all the GP companies so you can access data from each company using this view.

Once you have the options set for your view click the create button to finish the process. The view will now be available in the company database you are logged into or all the company databases if you chose the all companies option.