Ever since we’ve transitioned SmartList Builder back from our friends at Microsoft we’ve been utilizing our new found freedom and have been working hard on making it better than it’s ever been before! Throughout the year we’ve had plenty of articles on the new SmartList Builder features. In case you’ve missed them I’ve compiled them below for you:

SmartList Builder 2013 New Feature of the Day:

Table Finder

New Icons

Preview Data

SQL Scripting

Built in GoTo’s  

Create New SLB Setups from SmartList

Modifying Existing SmartLists

Auto Updating SmartList

Tech Tuesday: SmartList Builder

SQL Views vs SQL Script in SmartList Builder

SmartList Builder 2013 no longer requires Service Pack 2

Including Extender Fields in SmartLists using a Calculated Field in SLB

Table Joins in SmartList Builder

Using Drill Down Builder outside of Excel Report Builder

General SmartList Builder News

SmartList Builder to Come Home to eOne 

What is SmartList Builder? 

Where to Send Your Questions on SmartList Builder

SmartList Design Feature from Microsoft vs. SmartList Builder 

Send Your SmartList Builder Feature Requests our Way! 

Updated: SmartList Design Feature from Microsoft vs. SmartList Builder

New SLB 2013 Features Released

Ode to SmartList Builder

Look what’s coming to SmartList Builder 

SmartList Builder, a Partner Perspective 

New Feature for SmartList Builder

If you have any questions regarding SmartList Builder or about an article please feel free to email us at sales@eonesolutions.com and we would be happy to assist you!