There seems to be a little bit of confusion in the market about which version of SmartConnect you should be installing.

It is really simple – all new SmartConnect installations should be SmartConnect 2012 .  SmartConnect 2012 works with CRM, and Dynamics GP.

If you are upgrading you should go to SmartConnect 2012.  For those that are still on SmartConnect versions prior to the 9.51 and 10.51 builds – you need to first upgrade to the relevant 51 build, before upgrading to 2012.  All existing customers should move to 2012 to take advantage of the improved functionality and product enhancements.

SmartConnect 2012 works independantly of all data sources and destinations. You can use SmartConnect with one or many of the available destinations.  You may not even use GP, CRM or Salesforce and can use SmartConnect for XML, SQL, CSV,  Stored Proc, export or whatever need you have.   There is no connection between the version of GP or CRM you might be running and the version of SmartConnect you need.  Always install the latest version of SmartConnect.