Eighteen months ago, I made a promise to our partners and customers. I made a promise that our SmartConnect for the cloud and SmartConnect deployed on-premise would be based upon the same code set. I am excited to say that this promise will be a reality at the beginning of November 2020.

There were several occasions when I second-guessed this decision and was very tempted to let our two code sets diverge. Allowing that to happen would have been the easy answer. Allowing that to happen would have sped up delivery of some important feature releases. Allowing that to happen would have been much easier on our development team.

But allowing that to happen would have been the wrong decision for our 6,000+ existing SmartConnect customers. I felt that it was my responsibility to deliver two things for our customers:

  1. Continuing to develop and enhance our on-premise offering
  2. Providing an easy path for our customers to transition to SmartConnect, the cloud IPAAS solution.

Continue to Develop our on-premise offering: SmartConnect is an extremely powerful and fully-featured integration platform. More than 6,000 companies rely on SmartConnect every day and we are adding 50+ new customers every month. While we are fully on board with the move of IPAAS (Integration platform as a service) with SmartConnect.com, we also appreciate that a high demand for an on-premise integration solution still remains.

There are billions of local on-premise applications running at businesses all over the world – and these applications are not going to disappear. When you have local applications that need to be integrated, it makes little sense to have a cloud-based integration platform connecting those application. All you are doing is sending the data up to the cloud so that you can send it back down again to a local app.

Additionally, there are many IT managers that like to keep critical data behind local firewalls. With an on-premise integration solution, you can connect to and, integrate with, all the cloud-based business productivity applications, while still keeping core data local.

We will continue to maintain an on-premise offering for a long time. There is a need for it as well as a strong demand from our customers.

Providing an upgrade path from on-premise to the SmartConnect IPAAS: While many customers are going to stay entirely on-premise, we know that another group of our customers are looking to move 100% of their applications to the cloud, including their integration solutions. We are excited to offer that path to our long-term customers and ensure that what they have built over many years will upgrade to a full cloud-based IPAAS integration platform. There is no need to rebuild your integrations in order to move to the cloud – simply upgrade to SmartConnect.com.

We understand that technology is changing, and you may not even know what decisions you might make over the next few years. You can rest assured that eOne has future-proofed your integration. We have you covered no matter what decision you make.

  • You can stay with an on-premise integration – eOne has you covered
  • You can move everything to the cloud – eOne has you covered
  • You can switch to a new ERP – eOne has you covered
  • You can trade to a new CRM – eOne has you covered
  • You can choose to use any number of cloud applications – eOne has you covered

If you have any questions, concerns or general feedback on this topic please contact me at martin.olsen@eonesolutions.com.