AstroCare Home Healthcare provides quality home healthcare for the elderly and disabled.

Project Scope

After spending valuable time completing triple and quadruple data entry in order to enter payroll transactions from a state healthcare data system to Microsoft Dynamics GP, AstroCare knew they needed a solution to automate the process and cut out the unneeded data entry. To address their need for an automated system, Tom Jenkins, Controller at AstroCare, knew exactly where to look.
“I used SmartConnect and Extender Enterprise as a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner before working at AstroCare and loved it. I had used other integration solutions as a partner, but none of them could ever match SmartConnect” commented Jenkins.


Soon after addressing the need, Jenkins put together a plan to eliminate the triple and quadruple data entry and automate their payroll processes. He used Extender to build additional windows on master cards in GP in order to cross reference some of the key fields within his outside billing system. Then, using SmartConnect, Jenkins built integrations between their outside state billing system and Microsoft Dynamics GP.


AstroCare has an extremely detailed time punch system – used by several hundred employees, working for several hundred clients of the state. The system involves each employee calling in and out with their time via a phone system that feeds to the state system with the detailed time punches. Jenkins took a raw data dump from the outside system and used SmartConnect to pass that information to a custom Extender table in GP: a process that could not have happened without SmartConnect and Extender Enterprise.

Next, Jenkins created a view off the Extender table, using SmartList Builder, so he could see only the information he wanted. He then used SmartConnect to pass that information back to Microsoft Dynamics GP and create the payroll transactions required, according to the timesheet information he received. The total process saving his team an incredible amount of time.

Unlimited Capabilities

Jenkins shared his satisfaction with both products stating, “SmartConnect and Extender Enterprise have virtually unlimited capabilities. I haven’t found anything I can’t do with them yet. The more solutions I create, using SmartConnect and Extender, the more people on my team request that I create more of them!”

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