I had posted on this topic, Security and Active Directory, recently – but wanted to raise it again.

The important concept here is that who you log into GP as – no longer matters. Security is driven by who you log into windows as. I saw a support call today that was based on the following error :

” Could not read the DYNAMICS database. The server may not be accessible or you may not have access”. The customer of couse was adamant that they were logged in as ‘sa’ so should have access. Unfortunately ‘sa’ is irrelevant in this situation. It is all about the user you have logged into Windows as – having access to the SQL server and database describes.

The full answer to the support call was:

It means that the user you are logged into Windows as does not have rights to the Dynamics database.

Do this in management studio.

Select * from [SmartConnect]..[User]

The user you are logged into windows as – must be one of the people marked as an administrator in the SmartConnect security window.