Are you just a little scared of eXtender? Is the ability to modify GP and add all the fields you want just a little bit daunting? Are you a “please do not change things”, ‘out of the box’, ‘vanilla’, sort of person?  Have you been told dreadful stories about how difficult it is to report on data captured on eXtender.

If you agree with any of these points above then I strongly recommend that you attend one of our upcoming training opportunities. These sessions are built to remove any fear you have and open you up to a world of opportunities that you have been missing in the GP world.  These training opportunities come with a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee.  If you leave one of our training sessions and are not happy with what you got out of it – you get your money back.   Please check out the training opportunities available:
We will be running a variety of sessions online, but we recommend classroom training as it is still one of the best ways to learn anything.
For those of you that are too stubborn or too busy for training then there are a few things you need to know about eXtender:
FACT: Extender is and has always been owned and developed by eOne. We allowed Microsoft to badge it and sell it for 5-6 years but are now taking on the sales responsibility.
FACT: Despite being on the market for 7 years – there is still nothing like eXtender in the ERP world. There are tools for other products that require developers and take you off the upgrade path – but nothing provides the configuration of eXtender.
FACT: Extender is a dex developer’s friend. Extender Enterprise lets you add Dex code anywhere in GP – without having to build a dictionary. Extender lets you do what would take 2 hours – in 10 minutes. (and you still get to charge 2 hrs!!)
FACT: eXtender works in the web client – so it’s a better option to use Extender over VBA etc.
FACT: Extender works with SmartConnectwhich means you can use the data in eXtender screen and push it to any of the many SmartConnect destinations (including the creation of more GP records).
FACT: Reporting on Extender data is a piece of cake. If you do not think so, then get yourself to training. Extender views were built 7 years ago – and make eXtender as easy to report off as any other table in GP.
FACT: In 2013, the eXtender tables changed. Yes they did – and that was to accommodate the merging of two separate dictionaries and added new functionality. That said – as long as you used the eXtender Views for your reporting there is nothing to do. It just works. If you have taken the hard road, and read the eXtender tables directly, then you will need to review your reports and move them to Extender Views.
FACT: There are times when you should use Extender and times you should use DEx, VB, c#.  Extender should not always be used – but is a great solution to many small dev needs.
Interested in getting trained on eXtender? Want more details on what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll pass along more details!