I’ve recently been answering customer chats via the website and have been asked some really good questions. I love interacting with our partners and customers, not only to answer quick questions, but also to receive feedback. Last week I had a customer ask:  

Does Smart Connect Require a GP User Connection to run an integration?”

The answer is no. Users access SmartConnect by logging in with their Windows Account. From there they have access to run any maps they have permissions to, which will run directly through eConnect when Dynamics GP is the destination. By doing this, SmartConnect bypasses the need to have a GP User Connection, instead relying on a SQL connection through eConnect.

Similarly, for Dynamics CRM or Salesforce there is no need to setup a specific user for integrations. Within SmartConnect you can specify any existing account that already exists as the one to connect with when integrating to those systems. Then SmartConnect will make the proper calls through the API using the account that was entered in the connector setup.

SmartConnect sits outside of GP and is not just a GP tool. We also have out- of- the- box connectors for Dynamics, and more.

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