I wanted to tell everyone about our $US promotions that run through until Dec 31st 2010. These deals will end at the end of the year so if you want to take advantage of the lower pricing now is the time ot act.

Cash for Clunkers is Back and Bigger until Dec 31st 2010
The Australian version of Cash for Clunkers, Bucks for Bombs, Razoo’s for Rust Buckets, Dollars for Dumps looks like it may be scrapped before it even gets started. With the Government needing to make budget cuts, it looks like the policy itself will end up on the scrap heap rather than the cars.

So to balance things out, we are bringing back our Cash for Clunker program that allows you to trade in your legacy integration and automation tools and receive a cash break on the purchase price. All you have to do is tell us what product you are trading in, and you will qualify for the SmartConnect Cash for Clunker Program. The big advantage to your ‘Business Environment’ is that you will save time and be able to build many more efficient automations and integrations than you could with your Clunker.

eOne’s Cash for Clunkers will run from 15th November 2010 through to December 31st 2010. SmartConnect normally retails for US$4,500 but with a Clunker Trade In you receive $1,500 off, making the total price just $3,000.

SmartView Launch Promotion
SmartView is brand new and so we are offering a great opening price of just $1,500 through to Dec 31st. Get in now before the price moves upward.

SmartView and SmartConnect Bundle
Now this promotion is a cracker. When you purchase SmartConnect you are entitled to upgrade the package to include SmartView for just an extra $1,000. This applies to both the regular SmartConnect price as well as the clunker promotion. This means that under the clunker promotion you can get both SmartConnect and SmartView for just $4,500 – which is the normal price for SmartConnect on its own. That is effectively SmartView for free!