Do you need the capabilities of SmartList Builder in Dynamics 365 Business Central? Join us for one of our upcoming Popdock Bootcamps in 2021! Learn how your users can set up their favorite Smartlists and make them available to your users where they work in Business Central, CRM, and more.

Join us for one of our upcoming bootcamps this fall:

Our goal for this interactive “classroom-style” training, which will be hosted online, is for each attendee to go deep with the product. Afterward, they can make their next project a success and understand how to deliver many different projects with Popdock.

To date, our partner consultants have been excited about Popdock handling many types of scenarios. It’s all about accessing the right detail where you work; less about big data visualization and more about how you can drill into specifics or those favorites you need to do your job. Find shipping details for orders placed last month, sales from today, customers on credit hold, or the list of accounts that didn’t synchronize properly last night when the integration ran. Here are some real-life examples for popular use cases:

  • Data display between systems without actually moving any data
  • Consolidated reporting and searching across multiple companies and tenants of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics GP
  • Consolidated reports from multiple sources.
  • A simple interface to search and access historical data (without moving it) when getting started with Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • A quick means to search and query a legacy system
  • A user-friendly interface to filter on an existing list and save a new favorite
  • Access and share favorite lists

In the training, we’ll be covering a variety of basic and advanced topics in order for you to answer these needs, and more.  Following is the course description we’ll cover in this 8-hour training:

Day 1: Getting Started with Popdock

  • Navigating Popdock
  • Creating favorites and charts
  • Adding new Connectors
  • Modifying connector default lists
  • Custom List Building
    • Custom Lists
    • Compare Lists
    • Join Lists
    • Merge Lists
    • Summary Lists
  • Calculated Fields
  • Restricting data in a list
  • Popdock Actions

Day 2: Deep Dive on Advanced Detail

  • Popdock security and profile administration
  • Adding Popdock details
  • Using the Popdock REST API as a data source for PowerBI or Excel
  • Scheduled jobs
  • Creating Popdock Widgets
    • Single List
    • Card
    • Sidebar
    • Multi-List
    • Single Record
    • Summary
  • Embedding Popdock Widgets

Pricing: Our pricing is set at $1000 USD for the first registrant and the second person will receive 50% off.

Registration: Here are the links to sign up for our upcoming Popdock Bootcamps:

If you want to stay updated on our bootcamps throughout the year, you can subscribe to our blog here. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us at We look forward to you joining us!