The Great eXtender Transition

To ensure a smooth transition for your customers as eXtender transitions form Microsoft to eOne there are a couple things you need to do. 

Step 1: OPT-IN for your Customers
What does this mean: 

Microsoft have some strange privacy laws that precludes them tell eOne who our own eXtender customers are. To get around this and ensure you customers are current on maintenance and have access to eXtender releases, patches and service packs – you need to tell us who your customers are.

When you OPT-IN you are simply asking Microsoft to tell eOne which of your customers currently use eXtender. Microsoft will tell us who they are, when they purchased and when their annual maintenance plan is due. We will honor the current paid up maintenance period, and issue renewal notices when your customers annual enhancement is coming due.

There are three different ways you can opt in for your customers.

OPT-IN Method 1:  Partners

Send an email to  requesting that you would like to OPT-IN for all your customers.  This will be all you need to do and your transition will be complete.  Below is an example of the email you need to send.

Dear GP Operations team at Microsoft

On behalf of (insert reseller name) with a partner number of (insert partner number) we would like OPT-IN on behalf of all our customers that own the module Microsoft Dynamics GP eXtender.

Please share all the relevant information with eOne to ensure a seamless transition for our customers to eOne.

Best Regards


OPT-IN Method 2: Partners and Customer

Use this link to opt in for a specific customer. This method is a good option if you only have a few customers  – but I would use Option Number 1 if you have more customers than that.

OPT-IN Method 3:
Pass the details of OPT-IN method 2 on to your customers for them to complete. The better idea is for VAR’s to look after this on behalf of their customers.
Step 2: Sign up as an eOne Partner (Save $2000)
The second step in the process is to ensure you are signed up as an eOne reseller. Most active Dynamics GP partners are already resellers of eOne – but if you are one of those that arenot yet signed up then follow this link to complete your resellerdocumentation.

To Learn More about the Process.

eOne is holding a number of Webinars where we will discuss the plans and process around the eXtender transition. In this session we will cover:

  1. Why the decision was made?  
  2. The Transition Process Step by Step.
  3. What it means for customers and Partners.
  4. New Features for eXtender 2013.
  5. Promotions available during the transition.
  6. Pricing and Ordering
  7. Paying AEP for eXtender Customers
  8. and heaps of time for Q & A.

To sign up for this session please check out the details here.