It was not that long ago that the eOne business model would not have been possible. A software company based in Sydney, selling primarily to the USA market. I still look after the bulk of our sales activity, and conduct endless numbers of online demonstrations from the comfort of my home Gym/Study. (Unfortunately when I look in the mirror it is clear I use it more as a workspace than as a gym).

The online meeting tools that are available are fantastic, and have meant I can live in Sydney rather than North Dakota, until they fail you just once. There is no worse scenario than gathering a room full of busy people, and then having to spend 20 minutes connecting to the online meeting, or worse failing to connect and having to cancel or postpone. Often you only get one chance to impress a prospect or customer and you cannot afford to have this messed up by technology.

More and more of our partners are also relying on this technology for support and consulting activities. I have always gone out of my way to stick with all things Microsoft, for all the right reasons, and hence have used Live Meeting (and still do for what it’s worth). I know many partners have chosen GoTo meeting (from Citrix) based upon user friendliness and speed. I recently did a review and found a great little summary website that covered the main features of each of the mainstream tools. Use this to help you decide how you are going to connect with your customers.