I was talking with an eOne reseller yesterday about how they use Dynamics GP internally to run their business. In fact there are many ERP resellers that sell multiple ERP’s, but when you ask which they choose to run their business, they inevitably choose Dynamics GP as their ERP solution of choice. 

As in all Dynamics GP discussions, the topic of how important SmartList is came up. “We use SmartList every day for all kinds of reporting and data access. From approval lists, to sales reporting to reviewing timesheets. We use it all the time.” was his comment.   

I was able to look my frined in the eye and say, “I will install SmartView for you, and once you have it I promise you you will fall in love with it immediately.” You will need to break up with SmartList – and you will start to wonder why you ever thought it was so awesome. SmartView is ALL the good things about SmartLists with a bunch of functionality that makes it so much better.  SmartView is faster, easier, sits outside of GP, allows for grouping and subtitles, searches and much more powerful filtering. Trust me you will love it. 

Check out the video below for an overview, but I warn you, if you watch this you will buy it. It is one of the worlds great software bargains at $2,500 for unlimited users.