‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all thro’ the house,

The developers were working fast like a mouse;
The code had been written with an abundance of care,
The SmartList Builder release was near ready to share; 

New Features abound which will be just great
But that’s what you’d expect from your great Aussie mate
While Microsoft adopted this great little tool
eOne, its true parent will make it real cool 

The manuals are written and ready to go,
The testing complete amongst all of the snow,
The bugs had been logged and fixed with aplum
If only this town had just a little sun

The calls had been made to all partners of import
Training repeated until all had been taught
The website was ready to collect AEP from all
Those wonderful customers both big and small

In the history to date will this transition
Go down as one really smooth mission,

The team is ready and prepared to show
That great code was written at 30 below

Some partners started selling a little too soon
And while we had to hide it, we were over the moon

Under cover our friends developed a designer
Which truth be told should have been significantly finer

There were rumors about an imposter who’s free
That was built for the companies that were oh so weee

All our good partners were knocking at our door
Stating they understood that you get what you pay for

So at this time of year when you start to relax
Be sure that eOne has been working to the max

All 13,000 customers that are our great fans
Can go into Christmas knowing SLB in in safe hands.

Author, unknown 

Did you know SmartList Builder will be back at eOne Jan 1st, 2014? If you’d like more information on the SLB transition feel free to reach out to us at SLB@eonesolutions.com.