You ask, we listen. This is the theme of our new releases in 2011.

The upcoming release of SC contains a brand-new destination called SQL and Stored Procedures. Have you ever wanted to do a the equivalent of a table import using SmartConnect? Have you ever wanted to pass source data into a complex stored procedure through an easy to use mapping interface?

The SQL destination means that you can update any SQL table you choose, with SmartConnect. This function is extremely powerful in that you can do direct inserts into the table of your choosing via the same SmartConnect interface you are familiar with.

I must have been asked 100 times “Can I use SmartConnet to update my custom table in SQL? Can we push data from GP to Sales Logix? I know the table name and eConnect does not support it, can we just write to it directly? After an import to GP how can we update the source tables with an update flag?”

These sorts of questions always came with work around answers involving writing code or custom nodes. Those days are over. If you are game – you are now able to write data directly to any table anywhere.

The power is great with this feature, but comes with a ‘user be ware’ notice. Obviously the power of eConnect is all the data validation that occurs during integration. The SQL destination by passes the rules – and updates tables exactly how you have mapped it.

Stored Procedure
This is a super cool feature. (Note super cool is not a term I would usually use but I am getting into convergence mode). Safer and more secure than the SQL option above, a stored procedure destination knows no limits. All you need is a stored procedure that inserts data into a table. This Can be a GP table or any other update you can do with a stored procedure.

When you build a map you select a data source as per normal, and then select a destination of Stored Procedure. You can then map your source data direct to the destination fields of the stored procedure within SmartConnect. When you bundle this feature with the stand alone interface we discussed in the last blog entry – you can use SmartConnect to integrate from anywhere to anywhere!

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