All eOne products are currently compatible with the U.S. Year-End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 (14.00.0898) and 2013 (12.00.2038). This includes SmartList Builder, SmartView, Extender, SmartConnect, Node Builder, SmartPost, and Flexicoder.

When updating the U.S. Year-End Update, please verify that you have the appropriate release of your eOne Product also installed.  For example, SmartList Builder has 2 releases for 2015.  When updating to the Year End Update, your version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 will update to 14.00.0898.  With that, you want to be sure that you are on the SmartList Builder R2 release.  This would be build 14.00.0223 of SmartList Builder.

You can find the compatible GP versions in the Notes on the product download if there are multiple releases for the same Microsoft Dynamics GP version.