I’m certain we will count as a mob. That’s right, a mob. We’re bringing a record number of eOne folks to Convergence this year – 12 smiling eOne faces. (Well, most of us SHOULD be smiling…at least for the first few days!) We’ll be at booth #350, presenting 14 sessions and spending time meeting with customers and partners. So, want to meet with one of the eOne crew??  If I were you, I’d schedule your time NOW.

Who should you spend time with?
  1. Martin Olsen & yours truly (Abbey): we would love to meet with partners to hear how we can best help you, receive honest feedback and determine how we can best work together going forward.
  2. Lorren Zemke: sounds like a new name, right? Lorren is our new Director of Professional Services and would love to meet with partners who have projects to discuss and want to know how to best work with the services team.
  3. Chris Dew: are you an ISV that has been thinking about bundling SmartConnect or Extender with your products? Spend time with Chris discussing those possibilities and how we could best work together to see that happen.
  4. Chris Hanson & David Youngquist: spend time talking about your specific project and getting advice from the guys who put together creative and innovative solutions for customers.
  5. Ruaan Jonker, Kevin Jones, & Andrew Brown: want to provide feedback on SmartConnect or Extender? Feel like talking straight to the developers? These are your guys and they are willing to sit down with you to hear your feedback.
  6. Lauri Kraus & Danielle Erickson: if you want to spend one on one time discussing the Extender transition and ensuring that your customer’s records and dates are correct – spend time with these ladies.
  7. Nicole Albertson: want a little extra time with our Extender expert? Set up a meeting (instead of standing in line at the booth) and fire away with your questions!  
To line up a meeting with one of the eOne team members, please reach out to sales@eonesolutions.comand let us know a few days and times that work best for you. We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate the meeting, but we do reserve the right to meet over a coffee or a meal! J