You can not sell a product if you cannot price it. That is why we price SmartConnect in the simplest possible way. One Flat Fee. US$4,500 (+ 17.5% annual maintenance) flat fee regardless of number of users, number of servers, number of connectors or even number of connections. As a salesperson or account manager all you need to know is SmartConnect costs $4,500 and the users can build as many integration and automation points as they wish.

I had a partner this week as me for pricing details, as they were tired of one of our competitors product and pricing complexity – and I responded with the simple answer of $4,500. The partner came back asking a whole bunch of questions and each time expecting the price to go higher. The price can not go higher – it is $4,500 and you can build hundreds of integrations to and from any product for 100’s of users and the price is the same.

I took the time to look into alternate pricing models to see what I was missing out on. I ended up watching an 18 minute video that describes how to calculate how many connections a customer will have at any given point. 18 minutes to work out the number of connections – so I can then determine how to price a solution. The biggest danger is that the pricing is fluid and the software will stop working if you breach the predefined number of connections – and the vendor will put their hand out for more $’s again and again.

It starts to explain to me why so many people are making the switch to SmartConnect. If a pricing model is that complex you can only imagine how difficult the actual software might be to use.

There are a couple of other extremely strong reasons to get on board with eOne and SmartConnect Vs our competing products:
1. Simple to use
2. Product focussed: Dedicated to importing and creating records in Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM
3. No need for an integration server ever
4. No need to learn how to write DTS packages.
5. No need to be a developer
6. Import data into all eXtender objects
7. Create Automations – not just integrations
8. Use the Excel addins to push data into GP or CRM
9. Truly workable templates out of the box

If you haven’t yet had a chance to se SmartConnect in action – send me a message and we will lock in a time for you. (