Did you miss out on all the fun Fargo had to offer this past reIMAGINE conference? Looking for something exciting and beneficial to do to kick off the New Year? Or are you simply sick and tired of your cozy warm climate and looking for something a bit more adventurous?

Well, look no further as eOne will again be hosting a SmartConnect Classroom Training here at our offices in Fargo, ND! We’ve decided to host the training January 27th – 28th so that you can experience Fargo in it’s prime weather conditions.

Last year the coldest day in Fargo was in January, with a low temperature of -24°F while the average daily low temperature in January was -5°F (source). Now don’t let that intimidate you, we promise our trainings will get you heated up and charged with the endless possibilities SmartConnect has to offer! Plus you’ll leave with bragging rights that you survived* Fargo at it’s coldest.

Think you can handle the heat? Register now here!

*eOne cannot guarantee attendees winter survival 😉