Your company has outgrown their current ERP systems and needs to upgrade.  With unique business needs, you need software that is both easy to use, highly configurable, and will scale as your business continues to grow. Your company chooses Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Both powerful systems have their respective experts to set things up to fit your company’s exact needs, but how well will they work together? Do you need to hire a ‘super expert’ who knows both systems and can make them play nice?  If your business continues to grow and needs change, will your chosen integration solution be easy to upgrade as well or will that be one more headache?

SmartConnect makes data integrations easy and lets Salesforce and Dynamics NAV work together even after both have been heavily customized.  On the NAV side, SmartConnect can read from and write to records from all custom pages and custom fields.  In Salesforce, SmartConnect can read and write any custom fields on every entity.  Regardless of your implementation, SmartConnect can reach all your data!

Along with the far reach comes an easy to use, drag-and-drop user interface for non-technical employees.  SmartConnect’s query builder wizard makes pulling data easy without writing any code. This query can then be mapped to any destination by simply dragging each source field to any destination field.  To pull data and create new records or update records, SmartConnect offers a no-code solution to data integrations.

Just like both ERP systems, SmartConnect also offers extra power to those who want it.  There are way too many features to list them all, but some interesting ones include:

  • SmartConnect’s multi data source can combine several data source queries into one large query. Want to send products in NAV to Salesforce but want to skip over items that already exist? Query products from both systems and merge them together to filter out existing items.
  • SmartConnect’s calculated fields let you manipulate records with or Need your salespeople brought over but NAV stores the full name and Salesforce expects first and last to be separated? You have the full power of the .Net framework to finesse your data.
  • SmartConnect’s Tasks let you add different commands that execute at various times, like after each record has run or after the entire map has run. You can get an email notification every time a map is run, a .Net script can be executed, or even “daisy-chain” another map to it to be called after the first runs successfully.  Need a map that creates an invoice in NAV from a Salesforce opportunity, but need that NAV invoice number copied back into Salesforce?  SmartConnect can handle that, and we’ve included 2 maps in our templates that do exactly that!
  • SmartConnect’s scheduler lets your maps run as often as every few minutes. In the opportunity-invoice scenario mentioned above, we could schedule the first map to run every 2 minutes.  With this, won opportunities created in Salesforce will automatically make an invoice in NAV and immediately take that invoice number and put it back into the opportunity without ever leaving Salesforce.  The possibilities are endless!

No matter how fancy you want to get, SmartConnect can handle your data integration needs between NAV and Salesforce and our newly released templates give a perfect starting point!  We have released a set of 12 templates to be used as starting points to begin forming your data integration solution.  Some maps send data from NAV to Salesforce and some go the other direction.  Some maps are for the initial bulk data setup and some keep the systems in sync by only sending changes. The maps can be used as is, as a starting point, or even a source of inspiration to spark some creativity for those wanting to design everything from the ground up.

At the end of the day, we know that setting up ERP solutions is tough; let your data integrations be the easy part!

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