I was fascinated when I saw this little video on another blog. While there are questions over the complete accuracy of the story – it is such a good story even if it was complete fiction it is very clever.

If you are reading this blog you are almost definitely employed in the IT/Technology space. My question to myself and in turn to you is “how creative am I/you with the technology we have at our disposal”. We are working with new software and devices everyday, we spend our time telling businesses how to get the most out of software solutions we sell them – and yet are we still saying the same things we said 10 years ago? How far have we moved forward?

There is no simpler tool than Google (or Bing for my friends at Microsoft that may stumble across this blog). What does a search engine do? It lets you search. But taking something simple and adding some creativity you get a fantastic result like getting the job you wanted. I think the most creative most people have gotten with Google is to register your competitors name under AdWords (sorry Scribe) which is very lame on a creative scale.

So today set out with a mission ‘to not do things the way you did them yesterday’. Creativity is not about the tool or the technology it is how you choose to use it.