I am not sure how many people got to go to WPC this year. For those like me that didn’t get to go I was looking for some online content to catch up on what I missed.

I found a great session presented by Errol which I watched in its entirety, and I recommend you do so also. What I thought was super good was the demonstration by Andy Westby from the Microsoft Dynamics GP marketing team. You will find it between minutes 8 and minutes 20 of this recording.

This is what the introduction of every GP demo in the world should look like. In less than ten minutes Andy shows of:
1. Powerful Dashboard, BI and share point
2. Total Flexibility, Build your own screens.
3. Ease of integration – web integration
4. Search and Find functionality
5. Drill through to get around
6. Office integration through export (for GP users)
7. Office integration through data connections (for non GP users)
8. Power of Excel and pivot tables.
9. Drill back from Office to GP

And he did all of that in 10 minutes – which shows that GP can handle just about every scenario you can throw at it. The ‘Microsoft Story’ is very strong and you can be sure that none of your competitors can match the ease of functionality shown. I am not saying you should show the wellness scenario – but take all of the components of this demo (and more) and apply it to the hot topic for this prospect.

Accelerate Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Great job Andy and Errol.