This week 263 of the Dynamics GP partner communities finest developers gathered in Fargo.

During the main stage presentation on day one, we were able to give this audience a 10 minute sniff of eXtender. Errol Shoenfish challenged the ‘boys from eOne’ to develop a random eXtender application in 45 minutes while the session was being presented. The audience picked the topic of ‘professor classroom/schedule management’, and Chris and I left the room to get started.
When we returned to stage we were able to show a brand new mini application that had 5 new eXtender forms, 1 eXtender window, 4 new SmartLists, and one live Excel Report Builder report. (I will record a video and post this up here in the next few days of the what the solution looked like.) From all reports people were generally amazed at what we could achieve in that time period.
The conclusion is that Dynamics GP eXtender must be part of every GP demo ever presented.
Now – what we could not show is the three things that the developers really wanted to see:
1. That they can embed sanscript code behind any of those forms or windows they built with eXtender. (Requires eXtender Enterprise)
2. That they can trigger a SmartConnect (eConnect) map real time using the data form any of those windows or forms. (Requires SmartConnnect)
3. That they can trigger SanScript code to run anywhere in Dynamics GP, based on the field entry, field exit or field change events of any GP screen. (Requires eXtender Enterprise)
Over the next three days I am going to explore each of these three topics further and in depth here on this blog.