Last week I turned 40! I know it’s hard to believe that someone so young, energetic and handsome can be so old. Strangely I discovered that partying on until 4am is much more difficult to recover from than it used to be.

So to top off a big year – a trip to Vegas is on order to attend GPUG. If you are a GP customer and have not booked your trip to Vegas then I suggest you do so in a hurry. This will be a fantastic week, where you will learn allot from some Gurus when it comes to GP + you get to party on with all the cool folk from Microsoft!  Does the word folk  – go with the word cool.  If they let you down then be sure to look up the eOne crew who will no doubt show you a good time.

We are running some great sessions on all the builders, as well as taking the eXtender challenge. This challenge is a bit like theatre sports where we will build an application on the fly, based on audience participation. This could be a great session, particularly if you want to see Chris Dew put on the spot and see if he can hold up under the pressure!

Before GPUG is the Partner Connections event (just so I can have a few extra days in Vegas) but for all partners that are attending this will be an awesome few days.  If you want to see a cracking intro to any GP demo you ever do – get along to the session titled “demo the eOne way”. I challenge you to watch this session and then go back to your office and sell more GP than ever before!   I’ll show you why GP is simply the very best ERP in the market- bar NONE.