We have some of the most amazing partners and customers around. They come up with unique and successful projects, fully leverage our solutions to meet their needs, and aren’t afraid to share about it.

Over the last few weeks we’ve received kind “shout outs” on social media from a handful of those partners, so we wanted to mention them here. A huge shout out to these tireless advocates!

Mary Charuhas – KTL Solutions | her shout out
Jeff Peterson – Integrated Business Group | his shout out
Windi Ipperson – Advanced Integrators, Inc. | her shout out
Rod O’Connor – Briware Solutions | his shout out
Kevin Meyer – TMW | his shout out
Steve Sieber – RSM | his shout out
Endeavour Solutions | their shout out
City Dynamics (UK) | their shout out

Again, thank you to all the partners above for their kind words. We so appreciate you.

Have a shout out for our team or any of the partners above? Leave a comment below!