We can’t wait for 2020! But before we get there, we’re taking some time to reflect on some of our greatest hits of 2019! If you missed out last week, we counted down our top ten Tech Tuesday articles of 2019. This week, we look back on some of our favorite SmartConnect Office Hours of the year! Check them out.

Top SmartConnect Office Hours of 2019

10. Real Time Triggers with MSSQL

by Ethan Sorenson

Topics included connector set up, defining the data source, registering maps, and troubleshooting. Watch the video.

9. Business Central Journal Imports

by Ethan Sorenson

We discussed connecting to your data source, mapping, and testing the connection. Watch the video or read our help article on the topic.

8. Using Restrictions and Java Script in SmartConnect.com

by Ethan Sorenson

We explored the basic setup, how to create proper JavaScript syntax, and the differences between using SmartConnect on-prem and SmartConnect.com. Check out the video here.

7. Configuring a NetSuite Connector

by Ethan Sorenson

We discussed setting up the integration application in NetSuite, configuring an API role, assigning the role to a user, and creating an access token for the user. Watch the recording and check out an article outlining the steps.

6. GP Rolling Columns

by Ethan Sorenson

We tackled the topic of using columns, what to do when you are unable to retrieve the next number in the sequence, and how to handle any trouble shooting. Here is the video.

5. Connecting to a Test SmartConnect Database

by Ethan Sorenson

We demonstrated creating a new database, editing configuration, and logging into a test instance. You can watch the video here.

4. Tips, Tricks, and Gotcha Moments when Connecting

by Chris Hanson

This session covered some of our favorite little things that make using SmartConnect easier when connecting to Dynamics GP, CRM, Business Central, and more. Check it out.

3. Troubleshooting Scheduled Maps

by Ethan Sorenson

This session looked at everything to do with troubleshooting maps, including the scheduler, time zones, security, and logs. Watch the video.

2. Importing Business Central Contacts

by Ethan Sorenson

In these office hours, we discussed setting up the structure of the Contact table, grouping and lookups. You can watch the video here.

1. XML Imports

by Ethan Sorenson

In this session we showed you how to select a field, filter on attributes, and select from multiple locations. Check out the video.

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