Everyone works really hard and sometimes we set goals and strive to hit those goals. Often when we hit those goals and are successful as a group – we turn around the next day and start on the next goal.  I think it is important for small businesses like ours to celebrate their successes. 

Over the past few months eOne has set and reached some goals and I would like to highlight them here. 
1.     Goal to reach 2000 SmartConnect Customers: For some time we have been aiming at reaching the 2000 customer target for SmartConnect. For a product that has existed for only 5 years – It is a great achievement, which we were really excited about, to reach the 2000 customer number in March 2014.  This means that there are 2000 mid-market companies that rely every day on SmartConnect to help run their business. That is a humbling responsibility. 
A massive congratulations goes to our development team Kevin, Ruaan and Sarvanaz for continuing to produce such a high quality product. I also need to highlight Dave, Chris D, Chris H and Lorren who provide all the support and implementation skills that let us sell. And last but certainly not least thanks to Abbey who has made these sales happen.
2.     Goal to sell 80% as much SmartList Builder as Microsoft did:  This goal was something we thought would be a steep one. The great result is that in the first quarter of 2014 we sold MORE SmartList Builders than Microsoft had sold in the same quarter a year before. This is a direct results of having great resellers. The direct responsibility goes to our sales and sales support team on getting the message out there effectively. A huge thanks to Abbey, Danielle, Alicia and Lauri.
3.     Goal to provide our resellers the easiest possible way to make AEP payments and keep track of the eOne modules their customers own: I measure this as a raging success for a few reasons – the first being that since Jan 1st we have processed 3319 module renewals almost seamlessly. There are always a few hiccups but overall it has been a great experience.
I add to this feedback from our resellers that goes like this: “This is the easiest site we work with and we work with 50 different ISV’s” and “Thank you for making such a great site, paying everything online without having to talk to anyone means I save so much time”.
So a huge thanks to Lauri, Bob, Jason, Alicia and SmartConnect for helping us get the new fully integrated processes running on the website.
I was back visiting our Australian office in March when we hit the 2000 SmartConnect customer  – so took the dev team out for a celebratory lunch – that started at 12pm and ended up sometime around 4pm.  It was a good thing that the only way home was public transport! 
We are shortly to have a celebration in our Fargo office – just waiting for the weather to warm up a little!