I may have planned to shine the spotlight on Nicole Albertson today because not only is it a Friday, but it’s also her birthday! Read on to learn more about our Product Specialist!

Do you have any nicknames people should know about? 
I used to get called Sailer a lot, but marriage kind of changed that. Now, I really don’t have one, just don’t call me Nicki.

When did you start and what do you do at eOne?
I started December of 2012. I focus my days mostly around SmartList Builder, Extender & SmartView. Everything from giving demos and delivering training to product testing and writing manuals.

What is something really awesome that you’ve done lately at eOne?
I recently completed the SmartList Builder Self-Paced Training (see it here) and building out over 150 templates for SmartList Builder for everyone to use and help build their own new lists.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
I enjoy time outdoors. In the summer, it means time at the lake pretending that I am still young enough to participate in all the water sports. In the winter, we hit the frozen lakes and fields to enjoy a little fishing and snowmobiling. Beyond that, I enjoy pretending I am crafty (she really is – trust me) and spending time with the nieces and nephews.

What’s on your bucket list?
Top of the list is probably to swim with the dolphins in the wild and not just at a “park”. 

Any eOne memories that first come to mind?
We seem to have a lot of fun at eOne, so to pick one is hard. A recent one I recall involved a 200 mph leaf blower and an office chair.

What’s playing in your headphones?
Most of the time I don’t know. I just listen to what others turn on. If my headphones are actually on my head, there is probably nothing playing, I am just enjoying the quiet.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Nicole – feel free to drop her a line or wish her happy birthday at nicole.albertson@eonesolutions.com!