This week we introduce to you
Nick Waverek, the man behind our marketing and branding! I was expecting to receive a selfie for this post as he’s been the one taking the pictures for the Spotlight series – looks like he allowed someone else to use his camera!

Do you have any nicknames people should know about?
I don’t particularly go by any nicknames, but a couple of the ladies here happen to know my full name and when I hear my middle name from across the office… I know I’m in trouble. I’m mostly like a puppy, in that you could pretty much call me whatever you want and I’d probably respond.

When did you start and what do you do at eOne?
I joined eOne in August of 2014 as the Marketing Manager. 

What is something really awesome that you’ve done lately at eOne?
It’s really a group effort, but the Smartner Party next Monday is going to be about as awesome as awesome gets. (Nick actually did the majority of the planning and marketing for the party – last year was the first time we launched it and it was a huge success – props to Nick).

What are you passionate about outside of work?
When I don’t have a screen in front of me, I’d like to be holding a hockey stick or a shotgun. Lately though its been more like books or a baby. I just completed my Masters degree and hope to do some adjunct teaching in the future. I have a beautiful, intelligent wife and a 1 year old son who are teaching me a lot about what’s important in life. I like to keep pretty busy. We just sold our house and have already started building a new one – so lots of house projects.

What’s on your bucket list?
Oh Boy.. there are lots of things I’d like to do. Salmon fishing in the Kenai River. Learning to play piano. Visiting the Egyptian Pyramids. Children. Grandchildren and everything in between.

Any eOne memories that first come to mind?
There’s a lot of ‘Hoffing’ and other miscellaneous pranks, but one day I came in to find every thing at my desk, including my desk and chair, wrapped in tin foil. We’re talking everything! Keyboard, mouse, monitors, pens, pencils, headphones, pictures, notepad, my french press, and even the bits of scratch paper and a water bottle cap. To top it off, under the tin foil was a layer of plastic wrap and packing tape! It was a really productive morning for me. I think I had that coming.

What’s playing in your headphones?
I like a good mix of music like U2, Switchfoot, Sanctus Real, Jack Johnson, Andy Grammer, James Vincent Morrow, and Strange Names, but I can handle just about anything that doesn’t relate to Justin Bieber.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Nick – feel free to drop him a line at!