Demo Environments
Having spent many years in presales being a demo man – I learned that the hardest thing is having a clean and reliable demo environment that supports everything that you need to show. With the complexity of today’s solutions it is actually impossible to have a real life environment with all components ready to go.

When it comes to SmartConnect there are so many moving parts and the demo will differ greatly form one client to another. It is simply too hard to have an environment with all the following components ready to demo: CRM, GP, Excel, Excel Templates, CRM templates,, Valid XML , Scheduled maps with tasks, info path, outlook running for email alerts, etc etc etc.

So we have made it easy for you. All eOne partners have access to use my demo server. This is not something hung together and forgotten. This is my eOne demo server – the exact same one I do all my demo’s on. I take a full copy of my image and copy it to a back image which is open to you to use. So if I make my image better or upgrade to the new build then your demo environment is also updated. You can always be sure you have a working environment, that is one the latest code set and it works first time every time.

Key Demos ready to go:

1. CRM to GP bidirectional: Account to customers, Items to products, Pricing, sales Territories, payment terms etc. Orders from CRM to GP. Invoices form GP to CRM. It is all there with demo scripts ready for you to Demo.

2. Excel templates to GP: Enter a journal in Excel and it appears in GP. Same with AP, SOP, INV, PO etc

3. Excel template to CRM: Manage opportunities in Excel. See them, update them and then click a button to update them into CRM.

4. Speed: Run 30,000 customers into GP. Then run another map to delete them all!!

5. Extender data creating GP data via SmartConnect: If you are not demoing this now – you are selling GP short.

6. Filtered SmartList into CRM: Filter a SmartList to give you only items ready to go to CRM – and then push them right across. This is really very cool.

7. Real Time GP automation: Enter a new employee in payroll, and it creates a vendor for you.

and more and more and more.

How to Connect
As easy as a terminal server connection. This means you can connect from anywhere, anytime to a do a demo. First book a time with abbey to ensure you have sole access.

How to learn how to demo on this box:
Join one of my fortnightly “using the eOne demo machine” webinars. I will teach you everything there is to learn.

New World for Account Managers:
Account managers love to play dumb! They can spin a story but pretend a demo is way too hard!! The game is over. Next time you are out onsite and talking to someone about entering journals into excel – do not stop at talking. Show it to them. There is no surer way to lose an opportunity than saying I’ll get back to you with a demo when I can schedule our presales person in – and 3 weeks later you come back for a demo interest is gone and you never make a sale.

So, jump on the financial controller’s machine. Enter the TS connection detail and you are demoing. Open a spread sheet from the desktop, fill in a few fields, click a button. Find the journal in GP. You have just made a sale instead of mucking about for 2 weeks and not making a sale.

So my call for every account manager – is call me and I will guaranteed – set you up to sell a whole pile of product and service this quarter.

New World for Consultants
Let’s face it, no one believes an account manager! But every customer believes the trusted consultant. Now you do not have time to boot up a VPC image every time you want to show a 2 minute demo. So leverage the eOne demo server. Jump on and show how cool the CRM to GP integration is and just 3-4 minutes. Close a sale and generate 2 weeks work for yourself. Too Easy.

So go back your boss tomorrow and negotiate a commission on product sales. Then every time you go onsite, before you leave, show off one little thing from SmartConnect and you will be making some good holiday money. It is really easy.